Switchblade International

The Switchblade (UK) group was established in 2009 with the aim of providing Land and Maritime security services with a supplier, whose business model was built entirely around their customers’ specialised equipment needs and then providing a fast and reliable way of fulfilling them. 15 years on Switchblade International has become the UK’s leading supplier to the sector and is the official partner to SAMI and its members. The company has made a particular speciality of delivering to customers in difficult to reach places, a service which is complemented by the network of agents in country who provide assistance when and where required. For land based clients (again where required) and given the relevant paperwork and export licences have been granted, Switchblade offers the same smooth service.

Switchblade (UK) deals in all forms of weapons, (see the Products section) from pistols, to bolt action sniper, semi auto and full auto rifles, and light to heavy machine guns and is able to source weapons from most manufacturers, however, Switchblade acts as sole agents only for those brands that it really believes to be the best in the field - see the Brands section.

Switchblade (UK) has one of the most comprehensive stocks of these specialised weapons in the UK, and also maintains a large inventory of most calibres of ammunition in addition to a selection of subsonic ammunition to go with its range of suppressed weapons. These are ready for immediate sale or export to approved countries.

One of its key strengths is dealing with all the licensing and documentation issues with the result that it has become impressively good at what it does. So it is that with more than 800 individual deliveries in the last three years alone its team has not missed a single deadline. Switchblade (UK)’s customers say what they want, where they want it and when and the Switchblade team does the rest - without any delay or hassle. (Please contact us for references)

Finally, Switchblade (UK) sets great store by its reputation for straightforward dealing with its customers and pro-active service in all departments. But if one thing stands ahead of all the others it is the emphasis that it places upon delivering in full and on time.

We hold considerable stocks of weapons and ammunition, currently we have .223 (5.56x45) M4's, .308 (7.62x51) AR10 / G3 or Bolt Action rifles, 7.62x39 AK's and 7.62x54 PKM's amongst other weapons. Our Body armour and helmets are specially made to our own spec for us in the UK, and is now the most predominant body armour in the Maritime Security market. At 8.2kg for Level IIIA 9mm with 2 Level IV plates in a custom designed carry bag, it is not only the best out there for your employees safety but the best priced currently available in the market.

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