Pyser Collimator

Pyser Collimator

Product specs

Make Pyser
Origin United Kingdom

Product Description

Pyser-SGI Limited produce a range of Small Arms Collimators (SACs). The SAC provides a high degree of confidence in a weapon system and ensures that when the weapon is used, it will be effective and accurately zeroed within seconds to an accuracy of 0.25 mils.

The rugged design has been proven to give years of trouble free and reliable service, requiring no maintenance and with very low through life cost.

Many armed and police forces around the the world now use Francis Barker SAC’s as their standard operational procedures for small arms zeroing on all types of sighting systems including II and laser sights. Models are also now available for Thermal Sights in all small arms calibres.


* Sights can be zeroed in the field to an accuracy and repeatability of ± 0.15mil (± 1.5cm at 100 metres) for sniper rifles and ± 0.25mil (± 2.5cm at 100 metres) for iron sights.

* Cost effective, rapid, accurate and safe zeroing of all small arms, by day or night, without the need for live firing.

* Capability to zero, check zero and re-zero sights at any time, any place with no live firing.

* Increases soldiers’ confidence and hit probability by 200% compared to conventional zeroing techniques.

* Reduced need for firing range and time/personnel/travel and ammunition costs.

* Unique self checking system

* Copy personal zero to other weapons

* Increased weapon life, reduced maintenance costs.